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Densha Otoko - Ganbare Doku Otoko!

*manga is based on a true story and the true story was done in 2ch* It's about an Otaku guy who fell in love with this beautiful lady and tries his best to get that girl with a lot of help from 2channelers (people who goes/posts on 2ch). This story has become very famous in Japan and I believe they now have novels, several series of Manga (both Shoujo and Shounen), movie, drama, play, etc, etc.


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Chapter Volume Date
view all images Ch.3: Densha is GO!!! English 1 2 years ago
view all images Ch.2: One Small Step for a Normal Man, One Giant Leap for an Otaku!! English 1 2 years ago
view all images Ch.1: Is the Single Guy Burning English 1 2 years ago
view all images Ch.0: [Prologue] The Meeting English 1 2 years ago